Buffalo Extraction Systems partners with Malva S.A. to strengthen their presence and services across Greece


Malva S.A. has been an industry leader in providing solutions for the lab-dependent industries and academia for 30 years in the regional Balkan market and beyond.

Malva S.A. leads the Life Sciences market with the necessary industrial and scientific expertise that add meaningful impact to science and society, having successfully delivered numerous large projects in Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography Networks, Molecular Diagnostics, Laboratory Expansions, Thermal Analysis, Material Science, Pharmaceutical Production, Proteomics and, recently, Genomics, to name a few.

As a partner to Buffalo Extraction Systems, Malva S.A. will provide their distribution, marketing and regional expertise to help generate value for Greece’s booming Pharmaceutical Cannabis Industry.



Speaking on the occasion of this announcement, Co-founder and CEO Bhavin Panchal shared, “Malva is an industry leader in Greece with its decades of experience in delivering solutions and support with the highest levels of compliance. We at Buffalo Extraction Systems look forward to bringing our consulting, research and expertise in extraction and industrial solutions to offer cutting-edge solutions to Greece’s Cannabis and Hemp Industry.”

Buffalo Extraction Systems and Malva S.A. will work closely to serve the regulated analytical and quality control laboratories and academia in Greece.


For more information and press inquiries, please contact:

Yogesh Jhamtani
Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder
Phone: +1 (508) 768 7589
E-mail: yogesh@buffaloextracts.com



Buffalo Extraction Systems – Malva S.A. Partnership Press Release