Robust Process Control

Efficient and consistent extraction through precise control of critical pressure and flow parameters

Extended System Life

High performance engineering for system durability and minimized downtime

Integrated Intelligence

For intuitive usage and maintenance of the system using HMI control and tablet based remote monitoring and preventive maintenance

Guaranteed Safety

Multi-level safety systems for a safe and tamper-proof operation

A Global Product

Conformance and documentation support for cGMP, EU-GMP, CE, ASME and other global standards

Completely Customizable

Customizable layout, components and design for a truly personalized system

Our Systems
Level 1
Level 2/3


Precise pressure control with active back pressure regulation using servo-actuated pin valves

Consistent flow control using a feedback based piston plunger or diaphragm pump

Superior sealing technology using specialized polymers that ensure longer sealing life and zero downtime

One of a kind separator design to enable easy collection for highly resinous as well as low- viscosity products

A unique extractor closure design to ensure quick batch changeovers

Proprietary changeover valves to ensure quick changeovers and isolations, even at high pressures