March 2022, Bentonville, USA: The management of Buffalo Extraction Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Travis Strayer as the Senior Vice President of Sales. Buffalo Extraction Systems is a leading turnkey solutions provider in the Cannabis Extraction space, providing state-of-the-art extraction systems for the extraction of Cannabis and other organic products.


The United States is leading the Cannabis growth story with a wave of legalization and pro-Cannabis reform. As a mature Cannabis market, North America’s journey towards legitimizing this industry has paved the way for other markets to follow suit.

At Buffalo Extraction Systems, we are committed to serving the North American Cannabis landscape, from inception to operations, with our state-of-the-art turnkey Cryoethanol and Supercritical Fluid extraction equipment.

Towards this goal, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Travis Strayer as our Senior Vice President of Sales.



Known as the ‘Moose’ in the Cannabis industry, Travis Strayer started off working with a Cannabis media company. Venturing deeper into the Cannabis extraction business, Travis has been consulting businesses with a specialization in turnkey extraction projects.
At Buffalo Extraction Systems, Travis Strayer brings his years of experience and insight in solving the unique challenges of Cannabis businesses.

Travis will be representing Buffalo Extraction Systems for our North American and international clientele, and will be an integral part of growing our North American business.